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Personal client work and psychological services are one of the key methods to support young people and their families at turning points in their life and in times of crisis. Snellu's services are available to everyone regardless of their persuasion, and they are free of charge.

The groups that gather together at Snellu are peer groups of young people and families that are living in a similar life situation. Peer support is self-motivated and community-based support that is based on mutual interaction and strengthening personal strengths. Peer support brings hope to the situation and helps one understand that you can talk about difficult situations and it is possible to get through them. Typical groups include, for example, grief, illness or bereavement-related groups. Life-related groups include, for example, groups for those expecting a child alone, single parents or young mothers, as well as rehabilitative groups focusing on family breakdowns.

Snellu meets with young people in prison. We work in partnership with a number of prisons. We regularly meet with young prisoners both individually as well as in groups. Groups are partly theme-based, rehabilitative or they focus on the prisoner's life situation, for example, establishing parenthood during a sentence. Youth groups of open prisons also meet up at Snellu, if necessary.

oranssi saapas tekstillä

Groups are regularly organised together with other partners to support the children of prisoner families.

Service operation Boot (Saapas) is a central subsection of Snellu's outreach work. Adult volunteers that have been trained for the task patrol the city centre and suburbs during the weekends and youth celebrations. The patrols meet and talk to the youngsters at their own meeting places. Sometimes the patrols provide first aid to those who need it and those that have been seriously injured are directed to a hospital. Unfit and heavily intoxicated youngsters are helped home or for treatment according to the situation.

Service operation Boot (Saapas) operates nationwide and there are groups in different parts of Finland.

Outreach work is carried out over the Internet in various ways. The church employees work in different website forums and also carry out private conversations via chats with youngsters. The text message service Tekstaritupu is a low-threshold nationwide service for school-aged children, where the respondents are church employees.

Diverse work to support sexuality is implemented at Snellu as personal customer work as well as, for example, family and relationship work. The work i

ncludes peer groups, as well as annual camps that are carried out together with partner organisations.

Tarinateatteri vappu

Through its work the Playback theatre group Pyhä Solmu supports, for example, prisoners, mental health rehabilitees, those living with grief and employees that encounter people living in difficult life situations. Life can cause a burden in many ways, and bringing your story to light can help analyse your own situation in a new way. Playback Theatre is an original form of improvisational theatre in which audience or group members tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot.

At Snellu, there is no matter related to life that would be unfamiliar. We carry out the work, beginning with the customer and tailor it to suit each life situation appropriately. The customer relationship may be a brief encounter or it can be a shared journey that lasts several years. Both are just as important.


Snellu supports, advises and assists

  • in everyday matters
  • with questions related to independence
  • in relationship matters
  • with questions related to sexuality and gender
  • with spiritual questions
  • with coping in times of crisis
  • with questions related to grief
  • in substance abuse issues
  • in matters relating to imprisonment

Snellu's office is open during weekdays from 9 am - 3 pm.

The office address is Toinen linja 8, 00530 Helsinki. 

Reception Secretary tel. 09 2340 2352.

Contact request by text message tel. 050 3800999